Our Philosophy
Our vision, our passion, our philosophy...

The vision of Mauzy Insurance Services, Inc. is perhaps contrary to that of the typical broker or consulting house. With every industry-leading indicator released, we are prompted to believe that we are powerless to overcome what we may be facing for health management sustainability.

At MIS, we believe we are healthier than we know and that we have much more control of outcomes than we have been led to believe. We have experienced that there is great potential to improve our health status. We are delivering less than current and flat renewals today and are able to return some revenue and income back to the clients we serve. That increases their profitability and puts spending money back into our communities. That is our foremost goal to improve health and reduce health management costs.

Our passion is fueled by the poor outcomes most organizations have experienced in the delivery of health management systems over the last decade and a strong desire to shift this experience to more sustainable solutions for all stakeholders.

Make no mistake:

There is no organization, carrier entity, doctor, or health care facility that can insure health. The "health management" industry treats injury, sickness and disease, and today the systems are still consumed in a reactive nature. There are preventative services available and they need to be collaborative in nature and easy to access. Best practices for preventive care are evolutionary and follow up is critical to stay ahead of the latest news as it relates to maintaining good health. Reported improved outcomes and reduced costs for organizations continue to be rare for most.

The health cost trend needs to get to CPI or less, and that will be achieved through a variety of approaches:

  • Individual awareness and accountability for health status
  • Removal of waste associated with demand for health services
  • Increased price transparency
  • Stakeholder collaboration to simplify and increase engagement
  • Building achievable and long lasting benchmarks
  • Reaching all plan participants in a variety of outreach efforts

We assist our clients to become better health buyers of health care services, better self-care advocates, better consumers of health improvement solutions.

We empower plan participants to make informed health care decisions, while containing costs, and improving health services!

We cannot expect any stakeholder to take actions that are not in their best interest, but we can change incentives and designs to create awareness and to motivate change when appropriate. Mauzy Insurance Services, Incorporated is a willing stakeholder in the improved outcomes or our clients' health management solutions. We financially sponsor efforts to outreach and invest in the outcomes with the employer and the health management providers.

Shift Expectations; Educate Effectively and Improved Outcomes will Follow!

Carriers and third party administrators process claims and they typically insure the cost of the claims, or simply process the claims we generate. These organizations don't insure health. We (You and I) are best positioned to optimize the quality of our health. We must shift our thinking here and move into active engagement in the health choices we have going forward to improve health and costs in a consistent manner.

It is time to change the language of benefits and health management. Today our materials outline what is available for health treatment and preventative services. Unfortunately the value of these services is not entirely understood by our colleagues or their families. We have become comfortably distant due to HIPAA and have lost our relationships and connections to the human component of most health related dialogue.

We firmly believe that plan participant relationships must come full circle, and to engage effectively, we advocate taking the fear out of the conversation as it relates to health management or lack thereof. For example: I am eligible for health benefits (Safe & Deserving). I am ineligible for health benefits (Unsafe and Unworthy).

For those that don't understand the health and wellness solutions available to them, our goal is to educate and reach them more effectively than most currently experience. The language of health and wellness solutions needs to be less complex than is currently delivered. Mauzy Insurance drives this approach to placing insurance solutions with entities that understand this guiding principal.

Our focus is on you, the purchasers of health management and income replacement solutions. We advocate that employers, employees and their families take back the power they have over the purchasing decisions made for health and welfare services in the market today. As your organization's advocate, we coordinate with all participating parties, and we are finding that the providers, and carriers, administrators and insurers, are welcoming this transformative dialogue because all agree that what is in place today is not sustainable. In fact, it is not healthy!

Mauzy Insurance Services is honored to serve the most diverse and unique cultural organizations in the country. We specialize in serving Sovereign Nations and multilingual employers while partnering with organizations that will deliver the most comprehensive and cost effective health care options available.

Our goal is to deliver solutions that protect and enhance the profit margins of those we serve. It is our job to clear a path and shine the light on the wellness wisdom that exists inside and outside of the health management industry.

We are candid and forthright in our advocacy for our clients! While honoring all legislative and regulatory compliance, those we serve expect that our placement services and advocacy will result in alliances that are accountable and transparent in their activities and performance.