Wellness Resources
Health Management is a Serious Economic Strategy

Our customized wellness solutions are developed and installed by experts in the field of culturally relevant health improvement and behavior management. Our highly skilled coaching consultants and benefits administration team will assist you to create a culture of good health within your organization. Here is what we are delivering today:

  • Health care costs at CPI trend or lower, renewal rate passes while maintaining grandfather status
  • Unparalleled employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Removing barriers to preventative care and access
  • Moderate & high risk members actively managing conditions through coaching and collaboration with their primary care providers.
  • Employee comprehension of benefit plans and services
  • Self-funded with a HSA platform
  • Productivity increased Measurement, Reporting & Data Management
  • Workers Compensation, Disability and Absenteeism Decreased

Best practices for effective health management strategies depend on strong leadership and our management team will be by your side developing customized health and welfare solutions to your business to drive the results you need within your budget.

We partner with the best in class wellness providers to assess your workforce through Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and Biometrics screenings. Once assessed, targeted risk reduction interventions are conducted using an evidence-based approach to create awareness, acknowledge those that are in good health, to keep those are healthy in good health and to encourage those that can improve, to educate and engage towards healthier choices.

Agreed upon independent partners are contracted to ensure unbiased reporting. This creates a culture of trust for the employer, the employees and their dependents. A medical director licensed in the community, health risk assessments and screenings, are conducted within will evaluate the reports generated before results are released. Biometric screening is strictly licensed and monitored to ensure state guidelines are met to screen within the parameters outlined in a given community. In addition, we incorporate culturally and gender specific wisdom to help everyone connect the dots to maintain or improve their health status. The results are delivered to the individuals and to the organization in a manner that protects privacy for all concerned.

This is where the real work begins and it is our willingness to sponsor some of the costs associated with these efforts and support these activities that separates Mauzy Insurance Services, Inc. from the industry.

Mauzy Insurance Services Wellness Partners
The Native Wellness Institute exists to promote the well-being of Native people through programs and trainings that embrace the teachings and traditions of our ancestors.